Who are we?

Séverine : I love meeting new people.
And the idea of a bed and breakfast tempted me…
Major works and a few months of renovation and our bed and breakfast was born.
I am passionate about human contacts, the discovery of other cultures, nature, …
I love to cook, ride my bike or on foot, read, …
Allergic to many ingredients and especially to wheat, I will do my best to adapt your breakfast. Please let me know if any.

Gaëtan : I help Séverine in the management of the bed and breakfast. Like her, I am passionate about hiking, walking, cycling and also mountain biking.

We have two sons, Blaise & Clément , whom you will certainly come across in the hallway or the garden…

Why Les Houblonnières?

In fact, it is very simple.

This is the name of our street, in the Quartier des Vennes in Liège.
Before the construction of our district, the hops needed to make the many beers of the time grew here.
Today, craft breweries have given way to families.
But if the brewers left the place a long time ago, we wanted to pay tribute to them. This is why beer has a special place in our B&B.