Our neighborhood

Our neighborhood is a great place to live.
Here, you know your neighbors, street barbecues are institutionalized, aperitifs improvised.

We love it and we hope you will have a good stay there!


The Vennes-Fétinne district is close to the RAVeL and the Chemin de Compostelle, a few minutes from the motorway exits and the bus line serving the city center and the CHU (48).
The Parc de la Boverie, and its beautiful Museum , as well as the Palais des Congrès are 500 meters away via the Mativa Footbridge.
Guillemins train stationis a 25-minute walk through the Belle Liégeoise and the Parc de la Boverie, a pretty walk.

You will be not far from the city center while enjoying the comfort of a quiet area and equipped with various facilities: small supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores, park, playgrounds, ...

Our neighborhood is lucky to have good craftsmen but also very beautiful shops. I think we can even talk about real nuggets!
I can't resist the urge to present them to you!

The ""nuggets"" craftsmen

Our neighborhood is lucky to have real artisans who love what they do!
You can taste it and it is known;) You can't imagine the number of people who come here.
You are lucky, by staying with us, you are nearby!
And since you have a kitchenette in your guest room, you can concoct small suppers in your guest room.

Sam's Bakery .
It's barely been a year since they opened and they are already irreplaceable.
Our French customers are amazed by the quality and flavor of their baguettes and pastries, that says it all!
When I told the baker, he was over the moon.
If you have breakfast and they are not on holiday, you will have the chance to taste their products.

The Gaspar butcher's shop
They have been delighting foodies in the neighborhood for more than 30 years.On 04/15/2023, they handed over their case. But the ""successful"" recipes, the addresses of good producers, … everything has been saved and transmitted.
Taste their prepared American and their Liège blood sausages!
Do you need a gourmet sandwich with real butchery products?
A word of advice: avoid lunchtime! The Liège police station is right next door, and when you see the queue, you understand that you will have to be patient!

Some wine ?

See you at Vive le Vin !

Since 2008, Sabine and Philippe have been delighting us with their discoveries.
You arrive, you explain your dish, and they recommend a wine. Ditto if you go to friends.
Their wines are mostly environmentally friendly, from independent winegrowers, and the choice of very good restaurants, …
For several years, Sylvie has been helping them at the store.

Want some cheese?

Our neighborhood has not one but two cheese factories. Obviously, they each have their followers ;)

First of all, at Linda, the Le Clos du Gourmet cheese dairy.
Linda refines her cheeses perfectly, she delights very good chefs, including starred ones. Here, you are sure to find a cheese ripened to perfection, fine, … a treat.
She still received the title of 3rd best cheesemaker in Belgium in 2022, just that!

Then, the Fromagerie des Vennes .
A neighborhood cheese dairy, a neighborhood atmosphere, all in sympathy. A good wine library of Côtes du Rhône wines (the owner is part of the Baronnies des Côtes du Rhône).

If like me, you like ice cream, you will love Gabilou !

Gabilou is a family story. Cédric makes the ice cream, Cendrine is behind the counter.
Here only local, artisanal, good products… Everything is super good, pellets are offered to children of all ages.

I admit all my guilty pleasure is their straciatella! Clément and Blaise love the mango-passion fruit sorbet

The unclassifiable nugget : Mother Berthe !

Impossible to introduce you to the neighborhood without telling you about this real institution!
Here, you can buy good homemade fries, but also a homemade fricandelle. Yes yes you read that right.
But La Mère Berthe is not just a chip shop, it's also a catering service offering homemade dishes, salads, very good sandwiches and a delicatessen. What to have good little dishes to concoct a nice little supper in our guest room;)

The "nugget" shops

Our neighborhood also has very nice shops.

Very close to Sam's, you will find an inspiring shop: Slow Now.
Here, we take the time to sit down to drink a coffee or a tea, to choose natural products or objects chosen for their ethical or sustainable character or to participate in workshops.
Be careful, if you enter it, it is very difficult to come out empty-handed!

And when you pick up your ice cream at Gabilou, you will pass in front of 100% Liégeois and THE florist in the Viridi district.

100% Liège . Enough to put "Liège in your life" according to their own slogan. Here, all the products come from the province of Liège. And the province of Liège is full of good things: cheeses, beers, jams, syrups, wines, … You can't imagine all the delicacies you can discover there!

Our florist: VIRIDI .

A wonderful shop! Very beautiful flowers, sought-after montages,... tasteful decoration, humor, kindness,...
Since it opened, the district has been blooming again with its interiors.